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Altoura’s AI-powered learning platform helps leading companies capture and share tribal knowledge, automate learning content development, accelerate frontline worker proficiency, and improve productivity 10x.


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Altoura’s AI learning environment is helping us build a highly skilled and highly productive frontline workforce amid growing labor shortages and increasingly complex workflows.

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How does AI-powered learning work?

Powered by Azure OpenAI and trained on your company’s equipment, knowledge, and standard operating procedures (SOPs), Altoura helps frontline workers learn faster and be more productive.

Centralize knowledge,
decentralize learning

Altoura uses OpenAI to build and train a large language model (LLM) on your equipment (product manuals) and standard operating, maintenance, and safety procedures (SOPs). Once trained, Altoura enables learners to use natural language to chat with Altoura to get equipment specifications, recommendations, and step-by-step task guidance.

Automate content creation

A copilot is worth a thousand PDFs—and with Altoura, frontline workers are only a chat away from getting the information they need. Altoura automates learning content by transforming standard operating procedures (SOPs) into interactive and highly realistic simulations, short DIY videos, and step-by-step guides in both 2D and mixed reality. Frontline workers can easily discover and interact with visual SOPs on-demand to complete tasks with zero downtime.

Build simulations that accelerate frontline worker proficiency

Altoura’s no-code Experience Builder enables you to create immersive simulations with digital (3D) assets so your frontline workers can develop competencies before showing up on the front lines. Simulated work enables frontline workers to accelerate skills acquisition, improve machine uptime through better preparedness, reduce wasted raw materials in the training process, boost employee retention through effective job preparation, and improve job safety.

Optimize learning with data insights

Altoura generates data as learners engage with content, including chats, videos, immersive simulations, and assessments. Altoura captures, stores, and lets you visualize session data, usage data, performance data, and engagement data so you can analyze and improve your learning content, deliver better experiences, and optimize the competency and productivity of your frontline workers. You can even query and process the data using your preferred BI tool.

Bringing it all together

For Operations and L&D leaders, Altoura provides an AI-powered learning platform and learning solutions that empower teams to transform SOPs into interactive visual guides and automate the creation of immersive, interactive content—in VR and AR, and on any device.



Upload & Automate

Your SOPs, manuals, images, videos, and (optional) 3D assets. Altoura uses AI to then automate the creation of immersive learning experiences that you can approve, edit and test with the no-code Experience Builder.



Publish VR experiences

Deploy powerful simulations and virtual immersive experiences so frontline workers can build competencies before ever showing up on the front lines—safely and cost effectively.



Publish AR experiences

Publish AR learning content with the click of a button. Frontline workers can access AR assistance as they conduct tasks with physical equipment. Learning in both virtual and physical environments empowers frontline workers to quickly become masters of their craft.



Measure & Optimize

Review the effectiveness of your learning content based on Altoura data on learner engagement, recall, knowledge transfer, time to competency, and ROI.

Quantifiable business outcomes

We are obsessive about tracking and measuring ROI with our customers. Whether deployed at the team, department, business unit, or organizational level, Altoura generates operational improvements and business value from day one.


Return on investment

Generate impressive return on your learning investment by simultaneously increasing top-line results and reducing costs.


Accelerated competency

Accelerate people’s ability to upskill and adapt to changing job roles and work environments (compared to instructor-led)


Lower labor and training costs

Keep frontline workers and equipment in production on the front lines, not offline or dedicated to training.


Reduction in safety incidents

Empower frontline workers to rehearse safety procedures in a virtual environment, without the fear or risk of injury or impact to production.

*Averages calculated from 20 large company deployments between 2021-2022


Altoura has the management, security, collaboration, integration, and AI capabilities you need to build and deploy learning solutions across your organization at scale.

  • ISO 27001 certified
  • xAPI integration engine
  • Enterprise networking
  • MDM managed
  • On cloud or on prem
  • No-code platform
  • Multi-device
  • PowerBI analytics
  • Single sign-on
  • Multi-user collaboration

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Microsoft Partner of the Year

Mixed Reality

Altoura has won the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of mixed reality solutions based on Microsoft technology.

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