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The New Reality of Work in Corporate Real Estate


Introduction to Altoura - The New Reality of Work


Definitive Guide to Immersive Training




Episode 1Spatial computing in Real Estate & facilities

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See how Microsoft, in partnership with Altoura and other RE&F professionals, harnesses the power of spatial computing to create powerful virtual experiences that generate user engagement, interest, and impact.


Episode 2: Collaboration & Training

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See how Thermo Fisher Scientific, in partnership with Microsoft and Altoura, harnesses the power of spatial computing (AR/VR) to improve team collaboration and productivity - and rapidly generate business value.


Episode 3: Innovation & Transformation in
Real-Estate & Facilities

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Join experts from Microsoft and Altoura for a discussion of how innovations in the building lifecycle are transforming the RE&F industry. Learn how spatial computing (AR/VR) is being used to improve collaborative design, employee engagement, and change management - and participate in a live Q&A with the presenters.




Altoura 5 - What's new in the platform?

As the productivity platform for the metaverse, Altoura 5 enables organizations to connect multiple business workflows to create compelling experiences and reap a much larger ROI than custom-built applications.