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Altoura is optimized for enterprise industrial companies that need to capture institutional knowledge from an aging workforce and use it to train workers in a safe, virtual space—without taking people or equipment offline.

We need a safer way to train on standard operating, maintenance, and safety procedures

We need to capture knowledge from our most experienced workers and redeliver it to improve productivity

We need to reduce training costs by keeping our people and machines working on the front lines—and reducing travel and waste

We need training that improves employee engagement and reduces unwanted attrition


Altoura’s three modules

Altoura’s three modules put the power of immersive training in the hands of training teams that want to own their curriculum, author training, and evaluate results—without having to pay consultants for custom work. 

Experience Builder

Capture and redeliver the knowledge of your most experienced frontline workers

  • Import 3D models and build interactive training experiences with a no-code self-service tool
  • Use drag-and-drop nodes to design workflows and create step-by-step instructions
  • Build powerful simulations and animations
  • Create branching with decision trees
  • Make and publish in-app changes on-the-fly


Deliver training and expert knowledge through Player (running on any device), the immersive application that provides the interface to the virtual environment

  • Follow step-by-step instructions augmented with 3D objects, videos, photos, digital documents, and real-time IoT sensor data
  • Learners interact and train with high-fidelity simulations to develop competencies in a safe, virtual environment before they show up on the front lines
  • Multiple learners can collaborate and train (using multiple device types) concurrently
  • Assessment Mode requires learners to complete tasks without any assistance (guides or simulations) so instructors can measure learner competencies


Manage your immersive training program with a CMS tool designed for ease of use

  • Access advanced analytics and run reports to measure impact of your training program
  • Track users and content
  • Oversee collaboration, remote instruction, and reporting
  • Manage access, security, and system settings
  • Integrate with back-end enterprise LMS systems of record via XAPI
  • Automatically trigger downstream workflows such as part ordering and technician scheduling

Our team is committed to empowering our customers to onboard and ultimately own their training curriculum and processes by building their own unique experiences tailored to their unique workflows.


John Thomas
Director of Professional Services

It all starts with a 3D model

With a secure enterprise infrastructure, spatial collaboration tools, and a no-code Experience Builder, Altoura 6 helps organizations transform their physical assets into high-fidelity 3D models that power immersive, interactive, and collaborative experiences for their workers.

cummins engine 3d model

How it works

From Physical to Virtual (3D)

Customer builds 3D models of physical assets such as buildings, machines, parts, and equipment.

3D models

Customer uploads 3D models into Altoura.

3D asset management and security compliance

Altoura securely stores and manages 3D assets and loads them directly from the asset library to apps and devices.

No-code productivity tools

Customer uses Altoura’s tools to build interactive and collaborative experiences with 3D models (like immersive training or digital tours).

Spatial meetings on any device

Altoura provides collaborative networking so the customer can host virtual meetings to view and interact with 3D models as if they were physically there. Welcome to the metaverse!

Increased productivity

The result is increased productivity of hybrid work.

Voice of the customer


Altoura lets us author, distribute, and manage sophisticated virtual simulations to train our workers before they ever show up on the front lines.


Andy Warren
Sr Manager, Engineering Process
Systems Development
Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

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