The industrial metaverse is here—and it is already transforming modern industrial work. It enables organizations to create virtual environments that replicate real-world industrial settings where users interact with virtual objects and equipment as if they were in a real-world environment. Workers can receive immersive training, collaborate with colleagues in real-time, simulate and optimize workflows, and remotely operate and monitor equipment.

If your organization has not yet embraced mixed reality and immersive training in the industrial metaverse, this webinar is a resource to help you understand the journey and to deliver compelling business impact like lower training costs, better employee engagement, higher retention, and higher productivity.

Altoura is the most widely used and industry-recognized immersive training platform for enterprises. Leading companies, from Bridgestone to Ecolab to Microsoft, already rely on Altoura’s virtual training platform. And with Altoura 6, we set a new standard with a self-service, easy to use, easy to measure, and scalable platform for your business.

Join this interactive webinar with CEO Jamie Fleming and CTO Bharat Ahluwalia as they reveal Altoura 6 and discuss these popular topics:

  • What capabilities of Altoura 6 make it the industry standard?
  • What’s the architecture under the hood?
  • What does customer success look like?
  • What are the measurable benefits of immersive training?
  • How can VR training and AR training work together?
  • How do I get started?





Jaime Fleming
Founder & CEO, Altoura


Bharat Ahluwalia
CTO, Altoura