New Status Incentivizes Microsoft Sales Teams to Sell Altoura with Its Mixed Reality Portfolio

Seattle, WA - Altoura today announced it has achieved Microsoft’s Azure IP Co-Sell Incentivized status, extending an already strong relationship to include a joint selling motion. Microsoft sellers around the globe are now incentivized to sell Altoura, the leading SaaS productivity platform for spatial work. 

Altoura is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and the two organizations will begin jointly selling mixed reality solutions to customers looking to transform their industry and internal workflows to increase productivity. 

Altoura helps organizations transform their physical equipment and environments into digital (3D) assets and then make them immersive, interactive, and collaborative. With Altoura, business-critical workflows that once required a physical presence—such as employee training, facilities design and planning, and product demos—can be completed more efficiently as immersive workflows from any location. For example, Altoura customers report that the ability to train employees in a realistic virtual environment before they show up to work onsite in their physical environment reduces training time by more than 70%, accelerating time to productivity and eliminating the need for costly instructor-led training.

“We are one hundred percent complimentary to Microsoft mixed reality solutions, and we work closely with Microsoft to help customers become more productive and differentiated” said Jamie Fleming, CEO of Altoura. “Now with Co-sell Incentivized status, we will expand Altoura’s commercial reach in the enterprise significantly.”

About Altoura

Altoura is the pioneer of interactive digital twin technology and maker of the productivity platform for spatial work. Altoura transforms physical assets into 3D models and provides a no-code platform to transform them into immersive, interactive, and collaborative workflows such as immersive training and real estate design visualization. Altoura is a Gold member of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Partner Program and a strategic partner with Meta, Unity, Insight, and leading systems integrators. With a large and growing base of Fortune 500 customers, Altoura is the #1 platform for Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Transportation, and Corporate Real Estate teams that want to empower their workforce with the tools to be productive from anywhere. To learn more, please visit

June 8, 2022

Press/media contact: 

Kristen Wong at Altoura
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