Altoura 6 empowers training teams to increase frontline worker productivity, improve worker safety, gain better insights into training performance, and dramatically lower training costs

Altoura 6 represents a major milestone in the company’s mission to build the first AI-driven training platform for industrial companies

Seattle, WA - Altoura today announced the availability of Altoura 6, its next-generation immersive training platform for the industrial metaverse, as well as the Private Beta for its new AI services that automate and help scale training content development. Since its founding, Altoura has enabled companies to build frontline worker training for standard operating, maintenance, and safety procedures within a 3D environment. Altoura 6 now enables training creators to author powerful immersive simulations without writing code or using Unity for 3D asset management—and to access self-service analytics and generate reports to evaluate training performance and identify patterns that can be used to optimize training experiences.

The shift from legacy instructor-led training to immersive training enables industrial companies to do more with less. They can train employees more safely in virtual simulations, and they can improve frontline worker productivity and utilization of assets because they don’t have to take people or equipment offline for training purposes. At the same time, they can publish training to frontline workers that can be accessed in Altoura from any location with any device, which dramatically reduces training costs, unwanted attrition, and material waste.

“We built Altoura 6 to meet our customers’ requests to make training development faster, more powerful, less expensive, and much easier to measure and optimize,” said Jamie Fleming, CEO of Altoura. “These new capabilities will be even further enhanced by AI services in upcoming versions of Altoura, which are now in Private Beta with some of the world’s most successful companies.”

Altoura is used by many of the world’s largest and most innovative industrial companies, including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Wabtec, Cummins, Bridgestone, Applied Materials, Ecolab, and others. “We’re using Altoura to onboard and train our new hires on manufacturing processes before they even show up on the front lines,” said Andy Warren, Senior Manager of Engineering Service Support at Bridgestone Americas. “By training new hires on 3D models in Altoura instead of physical equipment, we can improve asset utilization while reducing the time it takes new hires to be productive.”


Altoura 6 is available immediately. It can be licensed as a SaaS offering directly from Altoura or procured from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. To request to participate in the Private Beta of Altoura’s new AI-driven training services, contact

 About Altoura

Altoura is the pioneer of AI-enabled training services, and maker of the only enterprise-grade immersive training platform for the industrial metaverse. Altoura empowers training creators to build real-time interactive 3D simulations so frontline workers can train remotely and safely with 3D models of their equipment and work environment. Altoura is a strategic ISV partner with Meta, and winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year for Mixed Reality. With a large and growing base of Fortune 500 customers, Altoura is the #1 choice of industrial companies that want better trained, more productive, more engaged employees at lower costs. Altoura is headquartered in Seattle, Shanghai, and Bengaluru. To learn more, please visit


March 21, 2023

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