Spatial Collaboration and
The New Reality of Work

The new reality of work is distributed and collaborative—and organizations need
to move fast to empower workers with the tools they need to collaborate and be
productive when they are both on-site and remote.

Altoura is a no-code spatial collaboration platform to increase business productivity.
Using Altoura, users connect and interact with each other, their surroundings, and
their equipment from anywhere at any time using any device.

What is Spatial Collaboration?

Altoura spatial collaboration merges the digital world with the physical world so users can collaborate in 3D environments and shared spaces, acquire knowledge, visualize work instructions, and digitally interact with equipment, buildings, and machines.

Manufacturers and operators
Retail and warehouse workers
Educators and instructors
Healthcare practitioners and workers
Construction & real estate planners

Proven Business Impact

Altoura is used today by the most innovative and successful organizations in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, RE&F, AEC, technology, and service industries to generate business impact.


Increase in productivity

Dramatic reduction in errors and increase in timeframe before required retraining


Reduction in training cycle time

Training hybrid workers virtually to achieve readiness to do hands-on work


Improvement in training content recall & retention

Employee soft-skills training enabling consistent customer service and reduced conflicts


Cost savings

Elimination of physical design mockups & site travel by using collaborative visualization


Revenue growth

Driving new opportunities through immersive customer engagements

Getting Started Is Easier Than You Think

Getting up and running with spatial computing is fast and easy. The best way to get started is to put Altoura to work in a limited trial
(one or two use cases) so you can get quick wins and evaluate the immediate improvements to your business. Start your journey
today with any of these next steps:

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