A training solution that builds experts and heroes

Train-to-Work is an integrated solution that includes Altoura, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides, and HoloLens 2. It enables frontline workers to train across both virtual and physical environments.

Workers train on 3D models inside Altoura’s immersive environment before they deploy to the front lines, then receive AR assistance as they conduct tasks with physical equipment. It’s an end-to-end workflow that empowers frontline workers to quickly become masters of their craft - and heroes on the factory floor.


We've cut training time by up to 60% while improving employee productivity, increasing knowledge retention, and reducing training costs.

Chris Binion, Director of Innovation, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Reduce training cycle times and
increase worker productivity


Immersive remote training in Altoura (virtual environment and parts)


On-the-job AR assistance with Dynamics 365 Guides

Better TogetherAltoura and Dynamics 365 Guides


Author step-by-step instructions in Dynamics 365 Guides, then import and run the same guides in Altoura's immersive environment


Import guides into Altoura and train users in a simulated workspace that’s a high-fidelity representation of your physical workspace


Conduct trainings with multiple users inside Altoura-from anywhere at any time-to achieve shared learning goals


Training workers in Altoura before they do live work in Guides reduces training cycle times and improves worker efficiency, satisfaction, and longevity in role

The combination of Altoura and Dynamics 365 Guides makes it easy for us to build immersive training solutions for our clients that have a critical need to upskill remote workers and assist them once they are deployed on the front lines.

Matt Fedorovich, Immersive Technology Lead, Insight

Train-to-Work Jumpstart

The fastest and easiest way to evaluate Altoura, Dynamics 365 Guides, Remote Assist and HoloLens 2

The Train-to-Work Jumpstart is a turnkey pilot program to evaluate the only immersive training solution that spans virtual and physical environments. Frontline workers train in Altoura’s virtual environment on virtual equipment before they transition to the front lines and use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides for real-time AR assistance in the physical environment on physical equipment.


Jumpstart Details

bullet8-week pilot

bulletEnvisioning session to understand the business case, establish KPI’s and measure ROI

bullet1 3D model of your piece of equipment

bullet1 virtual training experience in Altoura

bullet1 augmented training experience in D365 Guides

bullet1 loaner HoloLens 2

bulletAll software licenses included

bulletBusiness value report and project video

bulletBusiness recommendations

Featured Capabilities & Benefits

HoloLens 2

The world’s most sophisticated, enterprise-ready head-mounted device for frontline worker productivity

Virtual Training

Altoura will author step-by-step training on a 3D model to enable your workers to train in a virtual environment - and we will train your team how to use our no-code tool to author experiences

Remote Calling

Enabled by D365 Remote Assist, workers get access to remote calling to any Teams user so they can receive live support and annotation

Guided Instructions

Altoura will author step-by-step hands-free task guidance on your physical equipment using D365 Guides

3D Model of your Equipment

Altoura will build a 3D model of your equipment from photos, CAD, or scans

Project Video + ROI Report

Altoura will capture the productivity opportunity for your company and produce a short video for internal use and evangelism

Get a Jumpstart demo

Complete the form to get in touch with our sales team to see Train-to-Work in action. We’ll show you how you can use Altoura, Dynamics 365 Guides, and HoloLens 2 to build experts and heros while you improve productivity, engage workers, and lower costs across your organization.